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FAQs about therapy

Let's face it. When most people think of therapy, especially if it's your first time, you think of an older white guy with a clipboard sitting across you as you sit or lay on a couch. This couldn't be anymore further from the truth. It's more then just someone asking you "how did that make you feel?"

So what is & isn't it?

What is a therapeutic relationship?

This is our professional relationship. It's how we vibe. Every client-clinician relationship is not cohesive and it's very important we feel connected to ensure we will work well together. Normally, both parties involved can feel when it's not a good match, which, if it isn't we will talk it out and discuss alternatives.

Do you give advice?

I don't give you advice, however, I will offer you suggestions and provide different perspectives. I will never tell you what you need to do or "should" do. One of the goals of therapy is for you to feel empowered to make the best, thought-out, decisions for yourself. But no worries, I'll help you get there if needed!

What do I talk about?

Whatever you want! Whatever is pressing for you, whether it's past or presently happening, can be discussed in the room. I will not ask you question after question or pry for information. Come prepared to talk so that together we can work through what you need.

Who do you treat?

Adults, ages 18 and up. I do not currently treat children. Please click here to see my specialties, to make sure I'm the appropriate clinician for you.

Will anyone know I'm in therapy?

No! I take confidentiality very seriously and I do not confirm nor deny any clients to any outside sources. The only time confidentiality is "broken" is when exceptions are met which we will talk more about during our intake session.

Do you take insurance?

I do not currently bill insurance. I accept HSA cards and all major debit/credit cards.

Is therapy right for me?

I believe therapy is for everyone, you just need the right therapist, the right type of therapy, and be willing to work on you. My style is very conversational and relaxed. If you're nervous, that's okay! After our first intake session I am CERTAIN you will feel extremely more comfortable. 

There are some people who may benefit from more of a "coaching" style which I also bring. Coaching services will also be offered soon so be sure to subscribe to my emails to be notified for when those are available.

Do we have to meet at the same day and time every week?

No! I am very flexible in scheduling so if the same day and time works for you then we can do that or if you need something different every time then that works too. We schedule each session at the end of every session. Bi-weekly sessions are also offered.

How long does therapy take?

Therapy is different for everyone. Some people spend 6 months in therapy and are ready for termination while others spend several years. It all depends on your level of commitment, presenting issues, and therapeutic goals. Don't rush the process, that's where real change is made.

Are evenings and weekends available?

Yes, some evenings are available (and early mornings)! I do not offer therapy services on the weekends.




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